Brief Intro

Brief Intro

Monta Welch has been a lifelong activist, starting in earnest 10 years ago on environmental and climate issues, founding several organizations, learning how to work with all levels of government, successfully changing local dynamics in her hometown, shepherding successful state ballot questions/initiatives, building coalitions, etc…

Her work continues bearing fruit today locally, statewide and nationally on racial, social, cultural, economic and environmental concerns. Witnessing the depth of our problems with our elections she began writing Sweeping, Comprehensive, 50-State Solutions which she has implemented in a collective effort to further, revise, flesh out and move forward with her latest effort: Take Back Elections on Facebook where committed folks have been gathering, continuing this effort, building coalition to the completion and implementation of this shared language and project for establishing transparent, verifiable, secure, fair, unified, 50-state reforms as constitutional amendments.

Monta has developed this collaborative program today and invites you to join in this work to Take Back Elections.

Many Thanks for being here today, for your work and your interest! Many Thanks, especially, to all our TBE team members!!

With Deep Appreciation and Sincerity,
M. Welch
Take Back

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