Please read and Share. The full story of Volkswagen is…

Please read and Share. The full story of Volkswagen is mind bogging and show many of us how easy it is to rig elections. The scandal has drawn attention to a long simmering public health issue that, it turns out, was not caused by Volkswagen alone, but rather by the greed of the diesel car industry and the political culture that nurtured and protected it. For example, a European government report has found that 72,000 EU residents die prematurely each year because of NOx emissions.

As to the security of ELECTION RESULTS can no longer be taken for granted in an age when Volkswagen. “As part of pleading guilty, VW admits that they deliberately programmed 600,000 diesel cars distributed in the U.S. to deceive users – programming them to turn on pollution controls WHILE BEING TESTED and then turning them off when on the road, in the hands of a consumer.” These diesels cars were 40 to 80 times over the allowed limit for pollution.

Now let’s think elections. The L&A tests performed on vote counting machines before and after an election are subject to programmable overrides, just like the emission testing equipment Volkswagen and many other car companies sabotaged! Why would anyone trust election results that are not publicly verified? For a complete understanding of the Volkswagen crime please watch episode one of “Dirty Money” on NETFLIX: or read this Article: “How VW Paid “$25 Billion for Dieselgate and Got Off Easy” This article is a collaboration between Fortune and ProPublica, a nonprofit investigative news organization:

Alabama, Arizona and many other states claim their election results are accurate because they do a Logic and Accuracy test before and after an election. These so-called tests are subject to programmable overrides. Master programmer and elections auditor Mickey Duniho retired after 37 years with the National Security Agency (NSA) testified in court that “[A] L & A test only shows that the machines are working right at that moment.” Link to Video from Court with Duniho:

Our job must be to investigate, educate and litigate if needed. We initiate specific legal actions that move fast. We have a template that’s won in Arizona and Alabama.
AUDIT Elections USA has developed a comprehensive model—a template strategy—to introduce public election verification audits, putting the power of election oversight back into the hands of the people. We offer activists a real solution for the democracy crisis: transparency.

• Research state and local regulations, procedures and legal precedents to establish protection of election materials, and meaningful access to enable public oversight
• Develop scalable procedures for overseeing vote counting using what Bev Harris of Black Box Voting “Hacking Democracy” fame, named The Brakey Method, puts the brakes on election fraud.
• Conduct public education and advocacy training to achieve the above goals and assemble election transparency teams in multiple states

We want elections that are transparent, trackable and publicly verified NOW!
You can help in your state!

BE THE “WE” and join the movement. with AUDIT Elections USA. Check out our refreshed for activist opportunities to replicate our success and unrig the system in your state..

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  1. That is quite an article Monta. It shows how determined the rabid GOP are to force the issue of voter ID. I recognize that the investigation which Trump has called for will likely be very contentious and force us to do a great deal of work, but I am in favor of the issue getting the full attention of the American public in the search for the failings of the elections systems. Part of our effort should be to be sure that the investigations into the inadequacies of our elections go far enough and don’t just end with the question of voter ID and voter fraud. At the very least we must make sure that the investigation gets into an examination of “election fraud”. What we really should be pushing the Trump administration for is an analysis of the “State of our Democracy”, from stem to stern.

  2. Appreciate your assessment of the article and of course the situation and couldn’t agree more!! The author did on an occasion or 2 in the article mistake the terms ‘election fraud’ and voter fraud’. To your point, the comment thread was also educational. A thorny issue. We may find common ground in the record-keeping area! I’m sure we all agree and want our records accurate and safe from any human hands-on or human-technological mischief…! We probably all feel okay with or strongly agree with citizens being the voters allowed. You should watch the meeting on this and read the other article on this and changes TX is instigating – posted in last 24 hours… Thanks for your insight all, George Ripley and TBE working group members*** Thanks, tremendously*** Join a working group, everyone!!!

  3. Headline is essentially a lie, there no confirmation of a “massive” voter fraud scheme. All they found was a few people improperly registered. I think the issue of Voter ID may be a good one to discuss, with all that said. Our Social Security card is still a pathetic paper card which is never updated and has no biometric information (such as a picture). The question is, should we improve the SS card and create a “citizen card” which allows someone to vote, get medical care, work etc. instead of relying on a hodge-podge of rules that can be rigged. Doing this can eliminate rigging that may be possible on both sides. Rs want to block voters through oppressive registration and ID schemes, while Ds want looser rules that some claim allow voter fraud (but so far all evidence is that there is no “massive” fraud going on and it would really be hard to do so, although rigging the other way to suppress voters is absolutely happening.) Pumping up voter fraud claims is fuel to allow oppressive registration and ID schemes.

  4. While we understand the difference here in voter fraud and election fraud, as 2 subjects, there good information in this article that confuses the issue. So , with education (us*) we can get good information from these sources and what others think, how to respond, interact with others, some who may be on our page in some areas or might get there with our skill and openness to that…As Ray Lutz later posted, there is something to learn from this – not entirely fake news…Thanks, all!!!

  5. I am not sure that I trust “news” from to be objective.

  6. We aren’t trusting the Tea Party’s objectivity, acknowledged… we do glean information that is at minimum their position/message*** That is also important and some facts…also…that we know to be true already if we’ve been watching this**** Thank You^^

  7. Horses ass that would incinuate this. TRASH!!

  8. ELECTION FRAUD not voter anything!

  9. Why is this garbage here?

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