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    ________________________THE BILL OF RIGHTS FOR VOTING EQUALITY_________________________

    Each citizen of the United States at or exceeding the age of majority has the right to vote in any public election in the jurisdiction where he or she resides. That right shall not be denied or abridged by the United States, any State, agreement, person, or entity. After incarceration all rights shall resume.

    The District constituting the seat of Government of the United States shall elect Senators and Representatives in the Congress in such number and such manner as it would be entitled if it were a State.

    The United States shall establish a NATIONAL VOTING AGENCY which shall have local board of election branches in all of the states. It shall have prosecutory power and enforcement capabilities. It shall be Responsible for the following:

    1. Preserve and make public the “ballot images” — Modern voting systems take a picture of every ballot, called a “ballot image.”
    2. Peg the ballot image to the paper ballot using a unique ID number not connected to any voter identifier in any way, thereby maintaining voter anonymity and the “secret ballot.”
    3. Make sure ballots are a public record so that any person can arrange to inspect the actual ballots at any time.
    4. Setting up satellite offices (Board of Election) in every county.
    5. Coordinating distribution of campaign supplies.
    6. Coordinating the debate locales and rules
    7. Registering people to vote (like school one office should have to release you and one office receive you)

    IV. RUNNING FOR OFFICE (ballot access)
    All citizens of the United States, residing in all states, shall have equal access, the same requirements. (what is a median of all the state requirements?) to creating a political party and achieving a ballot line.
    All candidates and parties of these United States, shall have equal time constraints throughout the states, to qualify for ballot access. The deadlines shall be the same for all citizens and parties.
    All requirement verifications will be received by the Board of Elections.
    All citizens that desire to be candidates, within these United States, shall register at their local Board of Elections.
    All candidates for any office must show their taxes for the past 10 years
    All candidates for any office must demonstrate a knowledge of the United States by passing the Citizenship test for Naturalization
    Candidates for Legislative positions, must be at least 18 years old, must have a High School Diploma or GED must have lived in the state for the past____ years,
    Candidates for Executive positions, must be at least 35 years old and have served _____ years as a legislator
    Candidates for Judicial positions, must be at least 35 years old. They must submit their names to a list to be evaluated by their peers (lawyers and judges) and receive a grade of B or better. Then these candidates will submit to a panel(define) with ____number of peremptory votes. The resulting pool will be presented to the executive branch for selection within 30 days of the vacancy

    V. RUNNING FOR OFFICE (financing)

    The Board of Elections shall divide equally, the campaign tools for election purposes. All tools must be properly labeled as having been provided by the revenue stream and not a direct private donation. All efforts to ensure the citizen, that no bribery has taken place, will be made. Only Citizens that are able to enter the voting booth shall be considered persons. Corporations are NOT people and Money is not speech. Candidates will not be able to accept any donations directly from any citizens or corporations. Candidates will not be allowed to accept any promises for future employment, nor make promises to provide future employment, in return for support in a candidates run for office.
    Candidates may not allow their name or likeness to be used in any advertising during the campaign period.

    Each candidate will be provided:
    Auditorium Space (Public University or High school)
    Television Time: (C-Span, Public Access Channels, Public Broadcasting Stations)
    Travel Expenses (Public Transit , Amtrak, and two flights to Hawaii, and Puerto Rico)
    Mailed Brochure: (to be mailed two weeks after the candidate’s application deadline)
    Debates: (candidates time will be monitored by a microphone that counts down their time as they speak.The number of debates to be determined by the office for which the candidates are running.

    All citizens must be able to verify that the vote has been counted accurately. All ballots must be counted by hand. All counting must be supervised by multi-partisan personnel and recorded. If a citizen challenges a vote count an investigation must begin immediately. If a discrepancy is noted a recount must begin (Should they finish the count and then recount? Or stop immediately and start over?)

    VII. REPRESENTATION (vote counting for legislature a multi-seat body)
    All citizens have the right to be represented in the Legislature by the person of their choice. This is called Choice of Representation. In order for everyone to have the Representation of their choosing, votes have to be treated as strong enduring transfers of power to the candidate for whom was voted. For example I think Debra Ross got 2,128,118, Burr received 2,395,388, Haugh received 167,593 They would ALL go to congress. And if Greens could get on the ballot we would have a candidate as well

    There shall be at least one Representative to each Thirty Thousand citizens, per state.
    Each state shall divide its population by 30,000 to determine its number of representatives.
    Each Representative shall have the voting power equal to the number of citizens that voted for them.
    A National Representative from a state may represent anyone throughout the state.
    It is the recommendation that with this many representatives, a bill would not need to make a second trip through another group of legislatures. Therefore Congress shall be unicameral, and the Senate shall be dissolved.

    The vote counting for the Executive Branch (a single seat )
    e) The Presidential/Vice-Presidential election shall be counted by (score also known as rangel) counting

    All citizens shall have equal early voting hours in which to cast their vote.
    All citizens shall have sufficient voting places, materials, and personnel shall be provided to reduce the voting time to within an hour.

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