Who are we?

We are a diverse group of non-partisan concerned citizens, ordinary people, along with elections integrity activists who have come together from all parts of America, using the internet and social media as a vehicle to do our work.

What are we trying to do here?

What we are doing is using our best thinking to rewrite the election system from top to bottom. Our ultimate goal is to make elections comprehensive, uniform, fair, transparent, and verifiable. This work is based on much research, scientific studies, strategic thinking and good old common sense. Once written, we plan to begin the process of passing state initiatives and comprehensive, unified state constitutional amendments. We will, eventually, turn the comprehensive, unified language we develop into a federal constitutional amendment and, as a result, bring nothing short of a new level of democracy to America.

Why are we doing this?

Recently, it has become increasingly evident that our American election system is more than flawed; it is broken. While attempts have been made to incrementally repair the cracks, we believe a comprehensive overhaul is required to ensure the true democratic process is put in place, as intended by the founders of this country. Therefore, we've concluded that constructing a fair, unified, transparent, verifiable election system is the only way to instill trust in the American voter and save our democracy, as well as our failed political system. 

“The final expression of the opinion of the people with us is through free and honest elections, with valid choices on basic issues and candidates... Basic decisions of our society are made through the expressed will of the people. That is why when we see these liberties threatened, instead of falling apart, our nation becomes unified and our democracies come together as a unified group in spite of our varied backgrounds and many racial strains.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt was First Chair of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights and oversaw the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Article 21 is dedicated to the "right to participate in government and in free elections."

Using the Take Back Elections Website

We hope you will use our website as a tool to plug-in and get involved in comprehensive election reform! There are a number of ways provided to do that. Because what we are attempting to do is monumental and requires committed efforts, critical thinking, and exceptional coordinating, the website will change over time to fit the needs of our members and the project as it evolves. Once the language is complete, it will be used for organizing Ballot Initiatives in chosen states. Passing these initiatives will require much work to accomplish, so please sign-up today! 

*Your email and personal information is safe with us. We will not sell or compromise your info and promise not to inundate you with emails. So, we urge you to become as deeply involved as your time and energy allow.
Visit the Discussion Forums
Join our growing community to ensure your involvement in these critical reforms. Visit the forums to read and respond to various topics. These will be continuously updated and added, as we grow. Help us write and finalize the language by contributing your research on innovative processes in elections. Share your opinions and how/why you developed them or, perhaps, why they may have changed.
Attend Conference Calls
Weekly or bi-weekly conference calls are a way to stay informed on the status of Take Back Elections. They are designed to be an educational, informative venue where members share the groups' progress. These Zoom Meetings are visual as well as audio. Archived recordings can be viewed or reviewed if you happen to miss one.
Comment on Blogs, Posts, and Videos
We encourage you to comment and interact with the content to continue to push the project forward.
We'd prefer your talents and efforts, however, since it is understood not everyone can afford the time nor commitment, we gratefully accept donations. Your donations are crucial to assist in covering costs, in order to keep this endeavor afloat.
*We aim to file for non-profit status, however, a tax deduction status is not possible at this time.