The purpose of these discussion forums is to gather information, educate ourselves, discuss, poke holes-in, and ultimately decide on the language needed for best practices resulting in  fair, transparent, secure, verifiable, voting and elections. Please get involved by registering as a member and joining one or more of these groups. Doing so will allow you to access the group forums area of the site, and become part of the discussion. Please note that these group forums are intended to be a work space, so all comments should be appropriate to that setting.


Accomplishing this endeavor requires that we do our due diligence in reviewing all areas germane to elections, so that we may determine the best possible framework. As would be expected, it is a lot of work! Through the power of social media, however, and our ability to collaborate online to form a sort-of "meeting of the minds", we feel it is an achievable goal.

The founders of this democratic republic intended that "we, the people" retain the authority and power. We have been remiss in our responsibilities toward the preservation of that ideal. It is time we remedy that failure by taking back our elections, as a first step toward reclaiming our rights and freedoms and everything great we could, potentially, be and we must do this together as Americans.  Fair, transparent, secure, verifiable, voting and elections are the foundation for a democratic republic and, therefore, transcend party lines and political posturing. This is why we encourage all who are willing to jump on in, get your hands a little dirty, and help us get this done. We, sincerely, hope you will join at least one of these groups and get started right away!