Introduction / Strategy

Update of America’s Election Code

We are looking through and considering existing state and federal rules for language for this reform and writing ‘best practices’ from the best of these languages, our own language, through discussions and vetting processes to create sweeping, comprehensive, fair, transparent, verifiable, unified reforms.

Once written, people can utilize the state ballot initiative available in 24 states (see links/refs below) as well as in additional states with reasonably friendly state legislatures to adopt TBE language into their state constitutions. Prior to securing and Taking Back Elections we will pass TBE’s comprehensive, uniform, fifty-state, unified reform amendment in U.S. States, Territory, District of Columbia, and/or other equivalent of U.S. Federal lands and territories — to replace, supplant, and supersede any and all existing language governing elections in these lands/regions — into their highest, governing language, as Amendments to Constitutions for all fifty-states, Territories, District of Columbia and/or other equivalent of the Union of these United States of America, to proceed into the United States of America Federal Constitution as an amendment to replace, supplant and supersede all other election-related governing language or amendments on this matter of self-governing through election reform in this amendment, once the required number of states have adopted this amendment, the U.S. Congress has adopted it, and/or a ‘Limited’ Constitutional Convention would be called, for this purpose, as a last resort.

State constitutional amendments, will be passed by vote of the people via direct ballot initiative process and/or by state legislatures, which, once passed, will abolish and overrule existing codes and laws, to be forthwith implemented and diligently adhered to. Once states begin adopting this language, its benefits will change the composition of the state legislatures and the U.S. House and Senate, more states will join in adopting it, and eventually it will be ratified into the U.S. Constitution. As a last resort and 'Limited' to this one mission, a Constitutional Convention could be called to adopt it if necessary.

We envision all state or federal effort(s) will use the same, unified language decided on, to become comprehensive, fifty-state uniform, constitutional amendments passed by the appropriate bodies/states to bring forth these uniform election regulations and standards, according to the language, herein, thereby accomplishing fair, transparent, secure, verifiable, voting and elections.