Introductory Strategy and Draft Outline

Dear Members, Friends and Visitors, If you’ve read our Take Back Elections home page – you know we have all been, vetting, researching, discussing, and brainstorming reforms and best policies and practices for saving our small ‘d’ democratic election process. This includes all aspects of our election process from registering to vote, to learning about ballot questions, policies and all candidates, to how we cast our ballots after marking them and what voting method is best to use for better representation and better outcomes. It includes ‘leveling the playing field’ and much more. In our national online Zoom meetings and in working groups, large and small, we discuss and vet problems, ideas, solutions and concerns to get to best practices we will write into language for state constitutional amendments and ultimately a federal Read More

Introduction and Background

This work on unified, comprehensive reform of our vote began just after Arizona’s 2016 Primary disaster and right before the New York and California primaries joined Arizona and other states in blowing up our election crisis, election theft and end of a Democratic Republic based on trustworthy, transparent, functioning electoral process.After a couple of calls to Bev Harris of Black Box Voting, who offered some foundational points she felt must be present to take back this situation at the polls and a few of her friends and co-workers on this issue to connect with I, then, started to work – more research, writing, reaching out, along with other primary election commitments, working overtime, hoping to impact better primary results in the still-to-come primary election and then general election, which showed me just what we are up against in this broken election

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