Election Reforms a Big Necessity (2021)

*Photo Voter ID, and verify all voter registrations

*Hand-marked paper ballots only (there are insufficient safeguards for the tech/software*)

*All ballots printed on location/on demand, on specific paper, and watermarked

*No internet connectivity capability for any supporting ‘machines’/’tools’ ballot-printing, ballot-marking devices/machines (for handicap only*), ballot-scanning machines. We recommend off-the-shelf (OTS) copiers for on-demand ballot printing, OTS simple calculators, possibly OTS ballot scanning/simple copy machines, with any and all internet ports disabled.

*Manual poll books only

*Hand-counted paper ballots ONLY Counted 2x/on-site at the polls, 1 a count and 1 an immediate on-site audit*, at each poll, by fresh multi-party count teams. This is possible, doable and necessary. A protocol has been developed by Take Back Elections.

*Final, audited poll count totals is posted on polling place doors once all voting in the election has ended, with witnessed, verbal and e-reporting of every poll’s count total/s

*Then packed and sealed ballots are moved to a permanent, safe storage (per protocol)

*EVERYTHING – ALL STEPS (*start to finish*/set-up to breakdown…) are constantly filmed by installed cameras; set-up, free-standing cameras; along with free-roving individual camera-operators multi-party, assigned, volunteer-observer camera-operators. Poll workers will wear body-cameras.

*EVERYTHING is Multi-Party performed/observed/witnessed – from start to finishby volunteer workers. If necessary, jury-duty type pools can supplement.

*Limited absentee/limited early voting with good reason, specific safeguards and a limited timeframe can be offered. Good protocols exist in Boone County, MO 2020 election.

*NO Ballot Harvesting (see state rules/revise*)

*Voter rolls need to be properly cleaned, updated, kept constantly updated, this is not partisan

Additional info, reasoning, protocols, details via Take Back Elections.org

M. Welch

[email protected]

Director/Take Back Elections


(copyright/reprint w/permission)